Some tips to get the best of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, that smartphone game who is leader in both Android and iOS platforms have gotten bigger and bigger with time and now it surpassed all the former expectations about it. The game is characterized for its simplicity since it was actually designed for kids to play together in groups, there the Clan aspect of it all. Rave villages together and work out strategies that benefit all of the participant’s territories, splitting the treasure, working as a clan and held wars together.

The game’s aspects are quite direct along with the interface, just as any other platform strategy game there are ranks and levels you will be able to climb onto besides just hitting attacks for fun you will be on the verge of getting rewards in order to improve everything up and be stronger among your friends, proving your own capable techniques.

Even though the game is easy to follow there’s always a better way to do things and having a guide to speed up your pace can be very well appreciated. So, here there are a few tips you can get to the best at CoC:

  1. Collect and conquer – Gather Resources

Being a game that relays most of the strategy in the cycle of resource gathering and building army, it is basic and fundamental that the avid user goes first for boosting up collecting activity instead of creating weapons with little income you get.

Building as many gathering tools as you can will ensure a well empowered village for the long run, first focus on it and then go attack every village you want because it will ensure you in case of a defense, another attack, and basically everything.

  1. Keep checking your resource cycle

As you level up you will find that resources gathering cycles change a bit, the flow of gold and elixir you get are always at a defined time frame you can see. If you enhance your organization towards the routine then you will be set to check the resource system just in time when it’s already full so you can empty it and then the cycle goes back again and you will produce more resources in less time.

  1. Don’t leave the Town Hall for last

By leveling up your buildings you can reach a new aspect of benefits, and one that should not be leave for last is the Town Hall. Why? It is the center of your base, and by improving it you expanse everything up, even the limits of your army’s capacity.

  1. Look for Gems and Shield up

Last but not least, the old “looking for gems” is a necessary evil; the scavenger hunt for that special coin is an everyday aspect of the game. Is the premium coin of the game that can give you extra speed and direct access to a broad of different activities such as finish up any long process of one of your facilities, speed up the production time of resource collectors and also buy several premium items that can only be bought with gems.

Gems can be found by exploring the field, clearing the map.

Another part of the game that requires your constant notice is shielding up. By purchasing a shield time you are getting a safe period where you simply cannot receive any attack from other players, but nevertheless is a feature that can only be recharged with real currency in-game. But the game’s system throws a free shield for your village whenever you have just been attacked in order to give time for a decent recovery, this window has to be taken as an opportunity for avid players in order to come back again with greater force and dignified strategy.

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