CoC one of the best app game

Are you in the addicted side of the public that just can’t leave this game? Or you’re just not quite familiar with one of the best smart phone platform games of all time? Whatever it is, you should be aware of the awesomeness of a strategy game like this one.

Clash of Clans has almost 8 years on the market as one of the most popular choices for downloading; the system is quite simple, following the strategy of building forts and defending it them against other players and their own threats, meanwhile each individual has to gather gold and resources to construct a better army.

Everything is a simplified and modern version of Sim City style; you drag buildings and drop them where you like in order to begin constructing your own empire; all the resources you collect are stored and periodically you come by the game app and check how well is it going and you decide in which things and items will be better to spend some of those.

Clash of Clans is a simple strategy game that follows the line of Age of Empires and other famous systems that remain the bests for a long time, except that the interface and animation is pretty much different and based in other sort of public. CoC is actually a children’s game but its popularity goes further than that estimated audience since young adults and teens got captured by its addictive play.

Of course, the game is a one of an online multiplayer platform so it works as when you advance in your game and then get out, when you come back all the improvement your empire has gone through or the attacks they have received and available updates will be shown to you. The game can be played also through single player missions, those consists in hitting direct attacks to goblins villages nearby your zone, that is in order to gather extra resources and gems which can also happen with other player’s towns just as they can hit yours.

Gold and Elixir

These two items are the stalagmites of your progress in Clash of Clans, there is no way that by having a small collector system you will move forward in this game since they are the only main resources destined to give access to everything. The quantity of elixir and gold that you lose or win is equivalent to your progress.

Gems on the other hand are the precious premium coin in the game’s system, it makes all of us capable of boost the process of each of our facilities and give us defense, improvements and buy tools and garments that can only be accessed with it. Those gems are not to be used so constantly, it is actually better to storage them until you require their help, also take in note that you need several gems in order to actually do something, so keep your hopes up and explore all the time in order to find them.

How you work the land is the most important element for winning in defensive mode and offensive too… how so? The land and the distribution of every essential is what make you a winner or a looser on any battle.

The strategy is to get all your collector buildings in the center, distributed in a way where nobody could reach it only if it destroys your whole village because you will wall it all up in several layers of protection. As many walls you built then as much protection you have… but with the right position of your armies and defensive buildings, that way you will not have a village but a fortress that won’t stop making resources to grow better and more safely.


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